Corner Worker

Working the corners is a fun and action packed assignment. Each corner throughout the track is manned by 1-2 professional SCCA corner workers. Here we assign a maximum of 2 volunteers to each corner to assist the SCCA corner worker. We have many volunteers who return each year and request a specific corner or corner worker.

There is no better way to get closer to the action unless you are actually driving!!

The responsibilities for the corner are:

  1. You are an extra set of eyes and ears for the SCCA corner worker, helping observe the activities on the track
  2. In the event of an incident the corner worker may ask you to hold or wave the appropriate flag.
  3. Make sure that the maximum number of crew over the wall is not exceeded
  4. Assist with any reporting of an on track incident.


At no time would you go over the wall!
Long pants and closed shoes are required.
Please do not wear colors that would be confused as a flag, for example red or yellow. White or the 48 Hour t-shirt are perfect.

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