Advanced Solo Event Operations

Grid Procedure:

With the large number of cars on the track for this event, it is very important that we grid cars based upon performance. Advanced Solo Drivers will grid with the fastest cars on the low grid numbers (1-50) on the right and the rest of the cars will grid on the left side (51-99).

The first car, in grid space 1, will be designated by the CTI to set the warm up lap pace based on the number of cars on grid. There will be NO nose to tail parking on the grid during Advanced Solo. If there is a car in the position you would like, you must find a vacant position. you should grid single file roughly in accordance with your car’s potential and your ability and experience. As the weekend progresses, we expect you to adjust your grid position so that you are to griding in front of all those cars you passed in earlier sessions, and behind all of those cars that passed you! Generally, the first grid line will consist of turbos, GT3's, cup cars and other race prepared cars. We ask that the first 10 cars in that line run with their headlights on.

During your time on the grid we may do a safety check on your car looking for safety concerns like open front and rear covers, fluids on the ground, and tires going flat. We’re here to help you enjoy a fun, safe event. If you need us while waiting on the grid please wave us down. We will come to you.

You must have a dot, windshield number, and correct color wristband to enter the grid. You will get them from registration and at-track tech. It is your responsibility to have the correct material and ours to check up on you. We want you to be in the correct run group.


The grid is located inside of where the back straight ends and just before turn 17. To enter the grid, approach from the East through the paddock, and head west parallel to the back straight toward turn 17. There will be two lanes open for entry onto the grid. Stop at the barrels to have your wristband and car stickers checked.

We close the grid at the 5-minute mark. Do not be on time….be early! The instructions to close the grid are given from the tower and the Chief Steward. If you are late, you must go to the West end of the pits, near pit-in, and enter thru the hot pits following the instructions of the pit-in safety worker. Pit-out will wave you onto the track once all cars have been released from the grid. On the way to the grid, there are large signs that read “GRID CLOSED WHEN FLASHING”. If you see them flashing, proceed to the hot pits.

Warm Up Lap:

At the beginning of every session, the first lap will be driven under a yellow flag at a speed of about 80 mph. The purpose of this is to allow all cars to get on the track with enough space behind the last car so that the first car isn’t on his bumper as soon as he enters the track.

Amy Riches, Adv Solo / CTI
Suncoast Region

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