ADVANCED SOLO Group Information

  • The Advanced Solo Run Group at the 48 Hours is an Instructor level run group that may include non- instructors. To be approved to participate in the Advanced Solo run group the following rules and requirements must be met. Once approved, you will be granted Advanced Solo status eligible to participate in this Instructor level run group.

  • Valid PCA membership, Porsche cars only

  • ADVANCED SOLO Only - There will be no instruction at this event

  • New drivers to the 48 Hours event must provide a letter or email from your chief track instructor with your application verifying ADVANCED SOLO Only status. This applies to licensed racers, not registered in the race, who have never participated in our ADVANCED SOLO event.

  • The 48 Hours at Sebring solo chairman, Amy Riches has the final say on your status. By completing the application/registration you agree that if determined by our Chief Track Instructor you are not at an ADVANCED SOLO level, you may not be allowed to participate

  • ADVANCED SOLO at the 48 Hours at Sebring means that you have obtained the skills and experience to drive a high-speed track, without instruction in a high traffic environment. You should be at an Instructor or "ADVANCED SOLO" level for at least one year participating in several events at that level, comfortable driving with other advanced level drivers in high performance or modified cars. In the past, there have been as many as 70 very experienced drivers on the track at this event

  • if you have any concerns about your ADVANCED SOLO status or vehicle compliance, please contact Amy Riches at advsolo@48hoursatsebring.com with the subject line ADVANCED SOLO.

  • PCA/DE passing rules STRICTLY adhered to for the entire weekend including practice days

  • Helmets must be Snell rated with current or last date certificate. This means ONLY SA or M 2010 or 2015, no exceptions.

  • A pre-event tech inspection form must be completed and provided to the at-track tech inspector. Vehicle must pass the at-track inspection, no exceptions.

  • After 60 registrations have been received, you will be contacted and placed on a waiting list.

  • 48 Hours at Sebring Registered Racers ARE NOT allowed to enter in any ADVANCED SOLO Group


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