Welcome to the 48 Hours at Sebring club race.

The primary goal for the 48 Hours at Sebring has been to consistently put on the greatest quality club race for our racers. It is this mission of ours that drives our focus on what you want, A LOT OF TRACK TIME; OVER 12 HOURS OF TRACK TIME!!!

The 48 Hours at Sebring offers four (4) racer opportunities. It all starts off on Thursday with Lapping Sessions presented by Gold Coast & Suncoast regions. The format is an open track venue for 5¾ hours of private track time.

Friday morning kicks off the Sprint venue. A mandatory drivers meeting is held at 7:30am with the 1st racers run group on the track at 8:25am. We run three (3) run groups of 80-90 cars each; however, history has shown that generally no more than 70-cars are on the tack at any one time, a ratio of 19-cars per mile. Our sprint venue is over two days, Friday & Saturday, and includes several practice sessions, practice flying starts, qualifying, and a 45-50 minute feature race. In all, you have 2-hours of track time available for each run group.

Sunday morning brings our final day, Enduro racing. This race has become more popular over the years with nearly 90% participation by our core sprint racers. 2½ hours of track time is dedicated which includes the 30-minute warm-up and the 90-minute feature race.

The 48 Hours at Sebring is a test of stamina; so come rested and ready to drive, a lot!!


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