The 48 Hours at Sebring

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Please be advised, the track policy is: "All vehicles operating at Sebring must have a seat for each occupant, and they must be seated at all times. Anybody operating a vehicle without a seat will be asked to leave the track."

30 years... 1993

Clinton is inaugurated as the 42nd US President while Kim Campbell becomes Canada’s first female prime minister. Pablo Escobar is killed. The European Union was formally signed into existence. “I’d Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That)” is released by Meatloaf, and Snoop Doggy Dogg releases Doggystyle. Beanie Babies hit the market. Manchester United wins the inaugural FA Premier Legue Football (Soccer) Championship, and of course the Cowboys win Superbowl XXVII. A Brinks armored truck was robbed of 7 million dollars in Rochester, NY and NAFTA was signed.

Oh yeah; 1993 was the year something called the World Wide Web was openly released by CERN, and with Mosaic released there was a whopping total of 500 web servers.

Do these world events lead to PCA Club Racing at Sebring? History will decide.

Thirty years is both a long time ago, and a short time as well. The world has changed and the cars have gotten faster, sure, but Sebring is still one of the three crown jewels in the endurance racing world. To pave or not to pave . . . that is the question.

In 1993 the Porsche 964 was the car of choice for the Carrera Cup, and many of those models have raced with us at Sebring. Thirty years also means there are many racers who were not even born by the first running of the 48 Hours at Sebring. Now we have several generations driving with us. The draw of Sebring is international with drivers and teams from all over the States as well as Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, and Europe.

We have had a couple of personnel changes this year. The 48 Hours welcomes veteran racer John Poor as our new Co-Chairman with the retirement of longtime Co-Chairman Dan Smithyman. Dan has been instrumental in making this event what it is today; he is not disappearing, so make sure you pat him on the back as he makes his way through the paddock. PCA Club racing also has new blood with Dave Rodenroth taking over from West Dillard. Luckily, we have depth on our team!

Like a home away from home, we all cannot wait to get back to Sebring.

The entire Sebring team and PCA Club Racing staff welcome you to the 30th running of the 48 Hours at Sebring!

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