Advanced Solo




The Advanced Solo group is allowed to occupy spaces in the pit stalls. There will be no fueling or storage of fuel in the pit stalls. When racing takes place there will be only long pants allowed in the pits. No minors any time.

The following rules will govern the Advanced Solo program with the 48 Hours at Sebring. We want everyone to have a lot of fun at this event, and there could be 60 to 70 cars on the track during the Advanced Solo sessions, and there will be adherence to these rules. 

This event will not be run on the principals of democracy. The decision of the Advanced Solo CTI regarding any issue will be final, and there is no appeal. This part of the club race weekend, National allows us to run the sessions throughout the weekend.  Is not the responsibility of the National Staff to administrate Advanced Solo.

You have been allowed to participate in this event because the Chief Track Instructor (CTI) of your home region certified that you are an advanced solo driver or you have achieved the status of a PCA Instructor. Therefore, if we determine at the event that you do not have the necessary experience or skill to safely drive this course without instruction, you may not be allowed to further participate in the event.


There will be NO RACING, NO TRAINS

Passing Rules must be followed

Aggressive driving will result in disqualification


1. Passing: The Advanced Solo CTI has determined the event will run under PCA Expanded Passing Rules.  Full course passing is allowed. All passing requires the leading car to “pointed-by” the trailing car. Each car in a string  of faster  cars  passing  a  slower  car must  receive  a separate  point-by  signal!   Anyone who passes another car without receiving a point-by signal is subject to receiving a black flag for a discussion with the CTI. The second such incident in any day will result in disqualification of that driver for the next session. If a similar incident occurs on a subsequent day, the driver will be disqualified for the remainder of the weekend. THERE WILL  BE  NO  REFUNDS FOR DISQUALIFIED DRIVERS!  The CTI has the discretion to restrict passing on portions of the track and designate them as “NO PASSING ZONES” at any time throughout the event.  If this occurs it will be clearly communicated at the drivers meeting and sent out via text alert through club reg.

 2. Failure to Point-By: Anyone who fails to point-by faster cars within a reasonable time is subject to receiving a black flag for a discussion with the Advanced Solo CTI. The second such incident in any day will result in disqualification of that driver for the remainder of the day. If a similar incident occurs on a subsequent day, the driver will be disqualified for the remainder of the weekend. THERE WILL  BE  NO  REFUNDS FOR DISQUALIFIED DRIVERS!

3. Car Separation: The general rule for separation between cars is at least two (2) car lengths until a point-by is received. It is the intent of this rule that safe and adequate separation be maintained at all times. “Dive Bombing” will not be tolerated, nor will riding someone’s bumper.

4. Spins: Any driver who spins his/her car must return to the hot pits immediately and report to the CTI for a discussion of the spin. The first spin is considered an educational event. Any driver who spins two (2) times will have further conversation with the CTI and may be excused from further participation in some or all the remaining event sessions. THERE  WILL  BE  NO  REFUNDS FOR DISQUALIFIED DRIVERS!

5. Wheels off: Any driver who has an Off-Course excursion must return to the hot pits immediately and report to the CTI for inspection of the car and discussion of the excursion. “Off-Course” means 2 wheels leaving the paved surface of the track, and it includes intentional drive-offs.

6. Aggressive Driving: Passing without a point, dive bombing, and riding the bumper of the car ahead are considered evidence of Aggressive Driving. The SCCA corner workers will be instructed to black-flag drivers that are driving in an overly aggressive manner. If you are black-flagged for aggressive driving, you are automatically disqualified for the next session. A second offense on a subsequent day will disqualify you for the remainder of the weekend. THERE  WILL  BE  NO  REFUNDS  FOR DISQUALIFIED DRIVERS!


     DEFINITIONS: INCIDENT: For the purposes of this rule “Incidents” are of two varieties, Contact and No-Contact, defined as follows: 


                1. Car-to-car contact, regardless of damage.

                2.  Car hitting a wall or any other permanent structure on the track, regardless of damage.

           No Contact:

                3. Inappropriate or unsafe driving.

                RULE: Any driver involved in an Incident (defined above) and found to be “at fault” in the incident will be:

                   1. Excluded from further participation in the event. 

                   2. Any driver involved in a Contact Incident who leaves the track without reporting to the Advanced Solo

                       CTI shall be deemed “at fault”. 



On Thursday and Friday, if there are any drivers that have not driven the track, we will try to have those drivers ride with very experienced instructors at Sebring. It is anticipated that “Advanced Solo” drivers will quickly learn the track and will need no further assistance. PLEASE  NOTE,  this  is  not  an instructed event, however a  first  time  registered 48 hours of Sebring solo driver may ride with an instructor or have an instructor ride with them

PLEASE NOTE: Although this event is run under Driver Education Rules, it is NOT an instructional event: It is essentially a lapping event designed to provide advanced level drivers with a lot of seat time.


Amy Riches

Advanced Solo, CTI