The guidelines will be followed:

1. If we see on track behavior or get reports from others that your driving is unsafe or too aggressive, we have the right to remove the driver and/or coach from participation in the event.

2. The intent of the coaching is to teach first time Sebring drivers the track and the line. The second reason is to improve skills of any driver who wishes to have coaching. This is not intended to be coaching to teach “racing”, thus aggressive driving will not be tolerated.

3. First time Sebring drivers will be assigned a Sebring Instructor with whom he/she may ride with to learn the track.  This should happen on Thursday. 

4. Only verified PCA instructors with Sebring experience can be designated as a coach. Any other coaching requests need to be approved by the CTI.

5. Coaches must be registered for the event. 


Amy Riches

Advanced Solo CTI